International Journal of Contemporary Issues (IJCI) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of publication ethics and supporting ethical research practices.

Article assessment

All manuscripts are subject to peer review and meet standards of academic excellence. If the editor approves, peer reviewers will consider submissions whose identities will remain anonymous to the authors.


Authors must not use the words, figures, or ideas of others without attribution. Authors must cite all sources, and reuse of wording must be limited and be attributed or quoted in the text.

If IJCI’s editorial board finds plagiarized manuscripts from a manuscript by other authors, whether published or unpublished, will be rejected. Any published articles may need to be corrected or retracted.

Duplicate submission and redundant publication

IJCI considers only original content, articles that have not been previously published. IJCI will consider articles based on previously made public content only on a preprint server, institutional repository, or thesis.

Manuscripts submitted to IJCI must not be submitted elsewhere while under consideration and must be withdrawn before being submitted elsewhere. Authors whose articles are found to have been simultaneously submitted elsewhere may incur sanctions.

If authors have used their own previously published work, or work that is currently under review, as the basis for a submitted manuscript, they must cite the previous articles and indicate how their submitted manuscript differs from their previous work. Reuse of the authors’ own words outside the Methods should be attributed or quoted in the text. Reusing the authors’ figures or substantial amounts of wording may require permission from the copyright holder, and the authors are responsible for obtaining this.

IJCI will consider extended versions of articles published at conferences provided this is declared in the cover letter, the previous version is cited and discussed, there is significant new content, and any necessary permissions are obtained.

Redundant publication, the inappropriate division of study outcomes into more than one article may result in rejection or a request to merge submitted manuscripts and correct published articles. Duplicate publication of the same, or a very similar, article may result in the retraction of the later article, and the authors may incur sanctions.

Editors and Reviewers

Editors and reviewers should decline to be involved with a submission when they
  • Have a recent publication or current submission with any author
  • Share or recently shared an affiliation with any author
  • Collaborate or recently collaborated with any author
  • Have a close personal connection to any author
  • Have a financial interest in the subject of the work
  • Feel unable to be objective
Reviewers must declare any remaining interests in the ‘Confidential’ section of the review form, which the editor will consider.

Editors and reviewers must declare if they have previously discussed the manuscript with the authors.
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